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Pre-Employment Screening

An advisable and practical method on ensuring the growth of operational processes through human capital investment.
There is a huge percent of job-seekers who embellish incorrect details about their personal background. Replacing a wrongly hired employee can be expensive and disruptive on the company operation.
The following are the common dishonesty of job applicants:
i. Padding dates to mask employment gaps
ii. Falsifying academic degrees and other credentials
iii. Exaggerating job titles or salary
iv. Inventing achievements that never took place
v. Claiming sole responsibility for team efforts
The increase on the cases of resume fraud is subsequent to the weakness in job market. But even when the economy is healthy, there are stories in the news about executives that unlikely stretched the truth on their resumes. Hiring managers, as well as human resource professionals, are constantly reviewing documents that may contain the credentials of applicants, however, the credibility of the information are best to be supported by sufficient research and checking.
CREED or Character, Reference, Employment and Education is the backbone of information that covers the necessary elements in evaluating individuals to ensure operational success.
i. Character Reference Check – three references and excluding any next of kin. This will help evaluate how the person interrelate or cooperate. Employees’ characters dictate the culture and the atmosphere of the work environment.
ii. Residence Checks – Philippines is one of the countries that attains challenge address format due to the number of neighborhoods or barangays that are located on far flung areas without specific post codes or defined street names. Residence check includes checking the Barangay and/or Homeowner Association offices.  CIBI can generate information for up to 15 years of residential account.
iii. Employment Check – CIBI collects historical data and transforms it into reliable employment records. CIBI considers significant details relative in distinguishing the work exposure and experience of an individual.
iv. Education – CIBI developed strong affiliations with colleges, universities and other educational institutions all over the country for the purpose of collecting and authenticating scholastic records.