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Products and Services

CIBI is the leader and trusted partner for over 30 years of many individuals and businesses in credit information and in validating current and potential partners, suppliers and human resource. The following are some of the products and services offered by CIBI.
Brand Offerings
1. Credit Bureau – is a facility that engages in collating, developing and transcribing credit information to provide an analytics on the credit standing, score and ratings of individuals, institutions and business entities.
CIBI is continuously nurturing its expertise in transforming credit information to a substantial analytics that will help guide individuals and businesses into efficient financial decision processes. The Credit Bureau System is a tool by which it uses an algorithm where raw data are transformed into comprehensible statistics for a real business value. 
2. Business Intelligence – a product that generates business reports and analytics, consumer reports and trends, global trade reports and property information.
Business Intelligence data involves legal and historical information coming from official source systems that CIBI transcribes and analyzes to support clients’ strategic and tactical decision-making processes. This can aid in optimizing internal business processes; provide increase on operational efficiency; gain competitive advantages over business rivals and eventually create new revenue streams. BI products can also help companies to identify market trends and other relevant information needed in checking the background of business associates and suppliers.
The following are the products under Business Intelligence:
a. Partner Accreditation Solutions and System or PASS – a process of validation that contains detailed industry-specific report solutions for the accreditation of vendors, suppliers, contractors or sub-contractors.
PASS can help develop and sustain relationship-building and risk management to current and potential business partners, and consumers. PASS supplies comprehensive information as it enhanced credibility and reputation by demonstrating the company’s perseverance to achieve quality and excellence; and by acknowledging commitment to effective business practices and raising the bars of professional standards. 
b. Corporate Reports – provides business reports and analytics, consumer reports and trends, global trade reports and property information.
Corporate reports ranging from full to basic company profiles and other customized reports. The information contained in these reports are obtained through our nationwide network of field agents and validated against the latest corporate filings submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Department of Trade and Industry and other credible sources. It also includes disclosures by public companies to the local stock exchange.
3. People Information – a product that presents an individual’s personal, credit, legal, and employment records giving the assurance on individual’s reliability and competency. 
People Information applies a process of validating and verifying background information about a potential human resource.  Pre-employment Screening is one of the services of CIBI in deriving an individual’s hirable ability through data verification and groundwork.  CIBI also provides predictive, diagnostic, descriptive and prescriptive analytics specifically for each industry needs.
a. Clear for Hire or C4H – is a web-base tool for businesses that automates and monitors both front-end and back-end development of CIBI’s pre-employment procedures.
This tool enables companies to enjoy the benefits of a fully-managed background checking system without the high upfront capital expenditure. Clients will have the opportunity to order their pre/post employment background request via a secured ordering system.
b. Pre-employment Screening or PES – An advisable and practical method on ensuring the growth of operational processes through human capital investment.
There is a huge percent of job-seekers who embellish incorrect details about their personal background. Replacing a wrongly hired employee can be expensive and disruptive on the company operation.
CREED or Character, Reference, Employment and Education is the backbone of information that covers the necessary elements in evaluating individuals to ensure operational success.
d. Non Pre-employment Screening or Non-PES – It is a full individual report that certifies the personally identifiable and legal information of an individual for the purposes not related to hiring or job employment. The report can include information used for the purposes of distinguishing or tracing the identity of a person, such as name, government IDs or legal verifiers, date and place of birth, mother‘s maiden name, or biometric records. The report can also contain other information that is linked or linkable to an individual, such as medical, educational, financial and employment information.
e. Individual Financial Capacity Assistance Program or IFCAP – This product generates report that supports the socialized pricing access program, specifically for Oncology, implemented by healthcare institutions and the Philippine government. This aims to associate in the immediate and appropriate conveyance of medical solution by providing justified decision guidelines to the health providers. This assistance is through the consideration of the affordability level of a patient as the result of financial assessment and background check.
4. Information for Business or i4B – a secured on-line access to accurate and reliable information on companies and on individuals. It is indispensable to the decision maker who wants instant access to an array of business and individual reports, tools which help make or break deals in the areas of credit, finance, insurance and marketing.