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Pass Portal

Partner Accreditation Solutions System Portal or PASS Portal a process of validation that contains detailed industry-specific report solutions for the accreditation of vendors, suppliers, contractors or sub-contractors.

PASS can help develop and sustain relationship-building and risk management to current and potential business partners, and consumers. PASS supplies comprehensive information as it enhanced credibility and reputation by demonstrating the company’s perseverance to achieve quality and excellence; and by acknowledging commitment to effective business practices and raising the bars of professional standards. 
PASS outlines a framework for continual improvement and development with emphasis on information that are relevant for the organization. This solution system validates information based on the following criteria: legal identity, financial stability, government compliance and integrity. PASS directly shapes strategic planning and partnerships that are essential for growth and sustainability; branding recognition and greater visibility to potential markets; and employees’ confidence in providing services. 
The PASS Portal highlights the particular information needs of the following industries:
i. Construction 
ii. Manufacturing 
iii. Real Estates 
iv. Service 
v. Healthcare 
vi. Retail and Trading 
vii. Logistics and Supply Chain 
viii. Energy, Petroleum and Utility 
ix. Business Processing Outsourcing 
x. Financial Institutions