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Clear for Hire (C4H)

Clear for Hire, also known as C4H, is a web-base tool for businesses that automates and monitors both front end and back end processes of CIBI’s pre-employment procedures.

This tool enables companies to enjoy the benefits of a fully-managed background checking system without the high upfront capital expenditure. Clients will have the opportunity to order their pre/post employment background request via a secured ordering system.

Key Features
a. Online Ordering
Registered Clear4Hire members, through this page, submit the name and email address of an applicant for investigation.
b. Candidate Information Collection
An online form that asks for identity, residence, education, employment, reference records, and required documents
c. Client Prescreening
Screening and approving a candidate for CIBI’s actual investigation process.
d. Order Tracking and Report Receiving
Client can track online the status of order can view the completed reports.

Key Benefits
a. Improves accuracy and efficiency
- Automatically generate activities from candidate information collection to release of reports
- Actual order logs
- Tracking of endorsements
- Closing and acceptance of Reports
- Reference of Billing Validation between vendor and clients
b. Increases visibility
- Allows client real-time tracking of progress and status of checking done for candidates
- Client-Dashboard feature that gives statistics on endorsements activities
c. Data Security
- SSL Certificate
- User Access Encryption

Service Components
a. Software Solution
b. Analytical Reports
c. Business Consultation and Service Customization
d. On Site technical support
e. Integration and Installation Service
f. 8x5 Helpdesk
g. Network Health Check Services