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People Information

This product that presents an individual’s personal, credit, legal, and employment records giving the assurance on individual’s reliability and competency.
People Information applies a process of validating and verifying background information about a potential human resource.  Pre-employment Screening is one of the services of CIBI in deriving an individual’s hirable ability through data verification and groundwork.  CIBI also provides predictive, diagnostic, descriptive and prescriptive analytics specifically for each industry needs.
Assuring the quality of the company’s manpower resource is imperative for operational optimization and control; and ensuring trust, credibility and proficiency of the human resources.
The following are the information that can be derived from an individual
i. Identity Verification
ii. Immediate Family Background Check
iii. Health and Habits
iv. Business Affiliations
v. Bank Loan Exposures Files
vi. Court Case Listings and other Adverse Records
vii. Professional License and other legal information
viii. Employment History
ix. Academic Records
x. Character Check
xi. Residence Check
xii. Pre-employment Screening
xiii. Employment Analytics
The following are the products under People Information:
a. Clear for Hire or C4H – is a web-base tool for businesses that automates and monitors both front-end and back-end development of CIBI’s pre-employment procedures.
This tool enables companies to enjoy the benefits of a fully-managed background checking system without the high upfront capital expenditure. Clients will have the opportunity to order their pre/post employment background request via a secured ordering system.
b. Pre-employment Screening or PES – An advisable and practical method on ensuring the growth of operational processes through human capital investment.
There is a huge percent of job-seekers who embellish incorrect details about their personal background. Replacing a wrongly hired employee can be expensive and disruptive on the company operation.
CREED or Character, Reference, Employment and Education is the backbone of information that covers the necessary elements in evaluating individuals to ensure operational success.
d. Non Pre-employment Screening or Non-PES – It is a full individual report that certifies the personally identifiable and legal information of an individual for the purposes not related to hiring or job employment. The report can include information used for the purposes of distinguishing or tracing the identity of a person, such as name, government IDs or legal verifiers, date and place of birth, mother‘s maiden name, or biometric records. The report can also contain other information that is linked or linkable to an individual, such as medical, educational, financial and employment information.
e. Individual Financial Capacity Assistance Program or IFCAP – This product generates report that supports the socialized pricing access program, specifically for Oncology, implemented by healthcare institutions and the Philippine government. This aims to associate in the immediate and appropriate conveyance of medical solution by providing justified decision guidelines to the health providers. This assistance is through the consideration of the affordability level of a patient as the result of financial assessment and background check.