by CIBI Information, Inc. | 19 March 2016

CIBI Information, Inc. is now a Special Accessing Entity of CIC!

The employees of CIBI graciously celebrated the much anticipated news of Credit Information Corporation (CIC) as it formally announced CIBI as one of the accredited Special Accessing Entity (SAE). The announcement which was released last March 14, 2016 appeared on leading broadsheets such as Philippine Star, Business World and Manila Times, as well as online media channels like ABS-CBN News website.

The CIBI celebration occurred during the company team building last March 19, 2016 at Tagaytay City which was attended by both Manila and Cebu employees.

Marlo R. Cruz, President and CEO of CIBI Information, Inc. discussed the essence of becoming an accredited credit bureau and how it will greatly impact the lives of many Filipinos. “Imagine the opportunity we can provide to a simple fisherman. From having a small banka, he can now have a chance to acquire a loan to purchase a much bigger boat that can go further down the sea and have a better catch.” he stated. “Imagine the kind of life he can now foresee. Imagine happening that to every Juan!” Mr. Cruz emphasizes.

The employees were asked to get one placard each which contains letters and other special characters. The employees were engaged into a puzzle game to test their teamwork and mental aptness. This is a unique execution of an Opening Remark that was established to set the mood for the whole afternoon of events. Mr. Cruz acted as a game master for this segment.

CIBI employees initially converged with their department colleagues, then later on realized that the puzzle intend to be completed when every department joined together. Eventually, they were able to analyze the message behind the puzzle pieces, and rejoiced for both their victory over the test and the new direction set forth for the company. They confidently yelled the words; CIBI Information, Inc. is now a Special Accessing Entity of CIC!

More than the cheers and hoorays, CIBI employees are prepared for the challenges that this new development will bring into light.

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