Managing our finances is very significant. It affects our life decisions and it is directly connected to our quality of living and financial security. Successful people increase their financial growth through hard work, investment decisions and smart savings. Indeed, financial management is the first step in improving the lives of every individual. 

CIBI values the importance financial growth of its employees. Which is why last March 11, 15 and 21, CIBI employees attended the Financial Awareness Seminar given by Ms. Janina Lapuz, Investment Counsellor of BPI, and Mr. John Emmanuel Bueno. 

The seminar tackled issues and obstacles in handling their monetary income. It also encompassed the value of compounding interest and the significance of saving early. The program became an introduction to financial growth for the employees and to proactively increase the value of their income.

Development through financial awareness is an integral support that CIBI wants to provide to their employees. Moreover, the seminar helped the employees understand the correlation between adequate financial education and and how it can help in having successful financial goals. During the 2-hour seminars, attendees were provided with a sample Financial Plan that they can use to save and prepare for their retirement. 

CIBI is committed to help improve the lives of every Juan, and moreso, the lives of their employees. Because making the correct financial decisions is also looking ahead towards a brighter future.

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