by CIBI Information, Inc. | 9 March 2016

It’s a battle of colors, speed and tactics as CIBI Information, Inc. Manila and Cebu employees united and frolicked underneath the sun and on with the cool breeze of Tagaytay at Gratchi’s Getaway last 19th of March 2016 during their team building activity organized by the Human Resources department headed by Romina dela Cuesta. This event serves as another opportunity for the employees coming from both branches to bond and share an amazing day of amusement.

The energetic and excited employees arrived at the venue early in the morning and enjoyed a tasty morning meal before the program officially started. Ms. Jesie Basbas, head of the Order Management department, was tasked to deliver the opening prayer.

In light of the occasion, CIBI Information, Inc. President and CEO, Mr. Marlo R. Cruz, engaged the employees into a puzzle game as his unconventional way of delivering an opening remark. What an intense start for an action-packed afternoon that awaits everyone!

The first half of the program was mainly done indoors. The employees were divided into five teams designated with different colors: Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange and Green. The employees were tested based on their stored knowledge about general facts and how focused they can become under pressure.

Effective strategy and intense patience, strong communication and drawing skills were some of the abilities honed on several segments of the program. The employees were enlightened on the values of open-communication and command responsibility as these vital principles are applicable on their everyday working experience.

After the first half of the program, CIBI team enjoyed a delicious, boodle fight for lunch.

The second half of the program was tagged as ‘The Amazing Race’ which everyone was anxious about. The series of activities entails their agility, teamwork and quick thinking skills. Everyone was flabbergasted on how they can transform themselves into courageous and weariless individuals. Well, their excitement and adrenalin rush have done most of the job!

The employees dangled and crawled on the ropes; had a picture taking with farm animals, jumped and crossed obstacles and even crawled on the mud. The first team thatfinished the course is the Yellow Team followed by Blue, Red, Green and Orange.

The twist of fate occurred when each teams were asked to present their self-designed flags and cheering pieces.

Subsequent to the tabulation of scores, the winners were announced. The Yellow Team was hailed as the unbeatable group followed by Red Team and Orange Team. The Blue Team and Green Team were the teams that acquired the lowest scores. As a form of punishment, the two bottom teams must accomplish a mandatory mud slide. The slide was also enjoyed by other members of the team for a fun experience. Mr. Marlo R. Cruz never let the opportunity to pass as he also tried the nerve-racking slide.

After the successful program, CIBI employees spent the remaining hours of the day swimming on the pool and singing on the karaoke.

Everyone came back home carrying the wonderful experience, and learning brought by teamwork and camaraderie as it is the main objective of the program. CIBI Information, Inc. never fails to boost the confidence and tighten the bond of every employee.

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