by CIBI Information, Inc. | 31 October 2015

CIBI PUSO LABAN! This is the battle cry of the competitive employees of CIBI Information, Inc. who participated in the Equicom Group Sports Festival last October 24, 2015 held at Marikina Sports Center, Marikina City.

The event was joined by all companies under Equicom Group such as Maxicare, My Health Clinic, Metro Dental, T32 Dental Care, Equicom Savings Bank, CIBI Information, Inc., Equicom Inc., EITI, Equitable Computer Services, Outsource Network and ALGO Leasing and Finance, Inc. 

The creativity, sportsmanship and determination of the CIBI employees were once again ignited as they contend for this year’s championship throne and strived to be the first company to attain the Hall of Fame award. Both CIBI Manila and CIBI Cebu athletes joined their forces to claim the coveted title.

CIBI Information, Inc. is the defending champion of the event for the last two consecutive years and was known for its employees’ competitiveness by applying serious strategies on every game. It is evident as each employee fuel their desire to win and devote weeks of practice after their work schedules. This type of behavior became accustomed to CIBI employees in every Equicom Group sports events.

In the same light, the sports festival opened the eye of every participant to the rich heritage of Philippine culture and tradition through folk dances and local sports competition under the theme Balik-Bukid. High-class performances were shown by the companies of Equicom Group as each presented colorful and traditional Filipino dance like Itik-itik, Singkil, Polka sa Nayon, Sayaw sa Banga and the like.

The Pink team, also CIBI in its assigned company color, presented a Salakot dance and inserted theatrical acting, energetic play and fascinating prop materials to the conventional steps.

The games were embellished by artistic names taken after the familiar terms in the Philippine genre like Human Suman, Iniigib Kita, Magtanim ay Di Biro, Bahay Kubo and more. Time-honored local sports were also outlined such as Palo Sebo and Kadang-kadang. 


For the last two years, CIBI Information, Inc. and Outsource Network battled side by side for the major title. Only this year, the management decided to separate the companies into two teams. This decision created a mild and constructive competition between the two companies as each humorously purports that this year’s sports festival will clearly determine which company bears the rightful honor to the previous recognitions.

Outsource Network bags the second place, while CIBI Information, Inc. took the first place. The new champion for this year is ALGO Leasing and Finance Inc. CIBI Information, Inc. employees graciously accepted the outcome and conducted a groufie along with their colleagues in Outsource Network after the award ceremony. CIBI athletes promised to keep on striving that in time they will get the Hall of Fame award rightful for their efforts.


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