by CIBI Information, Inc. | 18 December 2015

The rapid changes on technology and market conditions presented opportunities and challenges that affect the credit industry. This was the main focus of the BIIA 10th anniversary business information conference. The future of trade credit, the implications to credit information, the availability of business information, the complexity of business and policy issues concerning the consumer credit information; were among the topics discussed in the conference held in Park lane Hotel, Hong Kong last October 29 -30, 2015

Mr. Marlo R. Cruz, President and CEO of CIBI Information, Inc. and Joachim Bartels of Business Information Industry Association.

CIBI Information, IncPresident and CEO, Marlo R. Cruz attended the event that gave opportunities to exchange the best fine-tuned practices between individuals in the credit industry from all over the world. One of which were members of the Asia Gate Group, another international partner of CIBI.

The yearly event exposed the attendees to three information tracks; trade credit and the implications of business information emphasized the value of the trade credit insurance industry; overarching business issues affected by the threats of cybercrime and how big data and predictive analytics is becoming the center of attention in the industry; and the consumer information track that focuses on the current emerging industry and policy issues. These tracks provided a deliberation among experts where proposed solutions and proper action to the subjects concerning the field were explored.

The International Credit Insurance Surety Association (ICISA) spearheaded the panel discussions and shared details on how credit information suppliers could perform better in areas such as transparency, group structures, key information lacking, quality, reliability, and financials.

This significant assembly of the key players in the financial infrastructure growth in Asia opens new opportunities particularly in building the Philippines as the most expansive business hub in Southeast Asia. The progression of these businesses in the region relies on the efficient delivery of information, solutions, and analytics; vital factors that CIBI Information, Inc. can efficiently provide. 


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