by CIBI Information, Inc. | 03 January 2016

CIBI Information, Inc. employees will never miss out the excitement of the Christmas season with their own brand of fun fun fun celebration. And this time, the Christmas party really became a full-blast partey!

Aptly themed It’s Time to Party!, employees arrived at the Spicy Fingers Bar and Restaurant at Greenbelt, Makati last December 18th with their coded party bands and in their glamorous black and/or white attires.

The event was attended by the Vice Chairman of Equicom Group, Mr. Rene Buenaventura and Mr. Constante Lapuz the Executive Director for ALGO Leasing and Finance, Inc.


The party was organized by Marketing, Business Development and Sales Department which was consists of fun-loving, playful banterers that inject a whole new kind of amusement to the celebration. And they made sure everyone will be a happy victim of their pranks!

The event started with an ice breaker game called I Am Drunk. It is a simple limbo rock challenge with a chilly twist. The contestants thought they only joined in to the game, but the truth is, they became the mode of everyone’s entertainment as they played blindfolded and bending towards invisible obstacles! All the players won awards for being such a good sport. Succeeding games tested the luck of employees in winning special prices.

One of the much-awaited parts of the program is the presentation of Dubsmash AVP Battle between the departments. Every department planned and prepared for this holiday tradition. This only shows that CIBI employees are not just hard working, but very competitive and really talented! Here are some snapshots of their entries:

The Business Information (BI) Department showed off their talents by performing all the top dubsmash hits of 2015.

The Corporate Shared Department (CSD) consists of the Finance, HR, Admin, Purchasing, and Business and Science Technology used a comedic and outstanding take on their own rendition of The Voice Blind Audition.

Data Management (DM) showcased their own brand of laughs with their take on the trailer of English Only Please.

Order Management (OM) presented the Banana Song of the Minions and topped it off with a special participation of the OM employees from Cebu doing a Muymoy Palaboy style dubsmash of the Spice Girls’ song Wanna Be.

The People Information (PI) Department kept the humor up with their own version of Para sa Hopeless Romantic the movie.

SMBDOP (Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Office of the President) turned up the speakers with a dubsmash dance tracks mash up special.

Vendor Management (VM) played the tune of the holidays with a Christmas to-do wish list piece.

Matthew Cruz, youngest son of the President and CEO of CIBI, Marlo R. Cruz was given the obligation to judge who the cream of the crop was. SMBDOP and DM entry pieces battled neck to neck on the jury’s scoring sheet. But in the end, there should only be one victor and that would be the Data Management Team who walked away with Php 5,000 cash price.

Aside from having a fun filled night to an already amazing year, the event was also the avenue to recognize the company’s most exceptional individuals for the year 2015. The Loyalty Award went to Carissa San Antonio and Cristina Villegas for 5 years of Service. The 2015 Award for innovation went to employees that helped improve internal processes that result into savings. Certificate of Recognitions and cash equivalent was given to Joyce Calleja, Head of Business Science and Technology; Ellen Co, Head of Data Management and Jesie Basbas, Head of Order Management. The Employee of the Year award went to Eldon Alape who proved that consistency and dedication to quality service will never go unnoticed.

There were also special awards that recognize professionalism, hard work and active participation of CIBI employees; and also to taunt them a little. Early Bird Award was given to the most enthusiastic employee who is the first one to register on the event venue. The Mr. Banidoso Award was given to Jerwin Noora who exemplified great grooming and vanity. The Anak ni Rizal Award was given to Alvin Alquinto by exuding professionalism with his office attire.

The May Bukas Pa Award went to Glady Laureta who had the most overtime and office stays. She made sure putting 100% into her everyday work; not bad for a new employee. The Stars for All Season awards were given to Frank Aquino and Pola Vinluan for having the most attendance and for their full support and participation to many CIBI activities. The Mini SM Award went to Lucy Meneses as she was considered by everyone as the most reliable and for always having something for every needs. As the famous tagline goes, Lucy surely got it all for you!

The Pantry-Citizens Award went to the DM Team because of their customary office breaks on the pantry area. The award was given for the sake of laughter and was tailor-fitted for the team.

The New Employee Award had a little twist because it was given to the most tenured employee, Jessie Basbas, who had been with the company for more than 25 years. Pabebe Award went to Conrad Balababa and Jaja Domingo because of their unbeatable office love team.

The Trendsetter Award went to Jim De Castro for being the most fashionable employee of CIBI. The Star of All Media Award to Angelito Gonzales as he has the most likes and share to CIBI’s social media posts. Juan of a Kind Award was given Eric Makabenta for being the kindest and soft-hearted employee that everyone loves.

Right to Privacy Award was given to Mylene Custodio who liked to keep it low key this 2015. In fact, she is so private she was not present during the event! And the CIBI Olympians 2015 were Eldon Elape, Shane Bernardo, Kat David, Alvin Gallano, and Lyn Chicote as they were the shining example of being active in corporate athletic events.

President and CEO of CIBI, Marlo R. Cruz received the Man of the Year 2015 award which was taunted to be awarded to himself by himself.The major prizes were given out that night which includes the 32 inch LED TV which was won by Goldy Baroa of Business Development and Marketing Department. The Luxurious Yacht Cruise for two was acquired by the hailed King and Queen of the Night, Angelito Gonzales and Elizabeth Gonzales. The couple was also celebrating their wedding anniversary and this award surely put the cherry on top for that night.

The employees never missed to get perky over the photo booth commissioned for the event. Here are some of the photo booth shenanigans done by the employees:

It was a fitting climax for the year 2015 and with the 2016 finally arriving, the camaraderie and support between employees has only gotten stronger. It’s safe to say that CIBI will be coming into the New Year refreshed, re-energized, and ready to provide quality service with passionate dedication.


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