by CIBI Information, Inc. | 28 March 2016

Francis Chan Secretary of Asiagate Group announced the new batch of Asiagate’s Executive Committee (EC) last 21st of March 2016. The elected executive members are as follows:

  • Marlo Cruz – Asiagate Philippines (CIBI Information, Inc.)
  • Benedict Wong – Asiagate Hong Kong [Total Credit & Risk Management Group (TCMS)]
  • Adrian Ashurst – Asiagate India (Worldbox)
  • Steven Khov – Asiagate New Zealand (ICMS)
  • Daniel Yu – Asiagate Taiwan [China Credit Information Service (CCIS)]
  • Saran Toochinda – Asiagate Thailand [International Research Associates Ltd. (INRA)]
  • Samuel Omukoko – Asiagate Kenya (Metropol Corporation Limited)

The Executive Committee will monitor and strengthen the programs and services of the organization, as well as ensuring its legal and ethical integrity. The ECs will also help to enhance the public standing of the organization and set policies and ensure effective planning.

During the first meeting of upcoming Asiagate General Membership in Auckland, New Zealand on April 2016, each EC shall elect from among themselves who will be designated for the position as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and other Chairpersons for the Sub-Committees.

Marlo R. Cruz was very pleased to be elected as one of the Executive Committee of the internationally renowned organization.

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Asiagate Group is the largest credit and risk information gateway and is associated with the leading credit and risk reporting agencies in Asia that have extensive experience and thorough local knowledge or business landscape in their own respective country. As a result, this develops extensive international networks through strategic alliances embarking on the core principle of the group: One Country, One Member.

Currently, Asiagate covers Australia, China, Cyprus & Middle East, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The group aims to expand and develop appropriate representations through all of the Asian countries.

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