by CIBI Information, Inc. | 10 September 2016

Through the years, CIBI has enthusiastically drawn pathways for their managers and team leaders to become effective in their fields. Last March 29 and 31, 2016, CIBI invited Mr. Kishore Jethmal, CEO & Training Director of Trust Education Center (TEC) to provide a workshop for CIBI managers and team leaders aptly titled “Effective Managerial Skills Run 2”.

This training aims to share tools on how they can become efficient leaders by harnessing their capabilities and helping them fully understand their responsibilities. The training combines analytical and professional assessment on how each employee can develop the best leadership skills possible.

The training involves successful planning and problem solving, proper delegation of task, useful treatment towards negative remarks and time management. In addition, participants are tested with their presentation and quick decision-making skills.

Building a healthy channel of communication is vital to the operational success of the company, moreover, to the growth of every employee. The lesson about the elements of verbal and non-verbal responses, and the knowledge exchange cycle has given insights into how the future leaders can strengthen the flow of communication within the organization.

Effective Managerial Skills Run 1 was conducted last year specifically for the department heads. Indeed, CIBI has created an enthralling vision purposely communicated to inspire the future leaders of the company. This training is not simply to discuss on how to become a successful manager, but how each actions can be part of the company’s success.



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